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Anoxia Means Total "Lack of Oxygen"; In what types of medical malpractice cases do we usually see this?



In it's basic form it means lack of oxygen. This word arises in two types of medical malpractice cases.

It comes up in (1) anesthesia cases and in (2) brain-damaged baby cases.

In an anesthesia case, we typically see a patient who undergoes surgery and there is some deprivation of oxygen leading to brain injury or death.

In a brain-damaged baby case it typically involves a mother who is in labor, preparing to give birth. As a result of not recognizing the baby being in distress, the uterus may become a hostile environment  and the baby may be deprived of oxygen.

Prolonged lack of oxygen can lead to brain damage and possibly death.

Anoxia means a total lack of oxygen. There are other medical terms that mean a diminished or decreased amount of oxygen.