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Are you eligible to become a member of this Million Dollar Forum 'fee-for-certificate' organization?



Yes, I am. But I don't need a certificate to show my clients and prospective clients the results I achieved for my former clients. Instead, I'd show them the tangible results, like a copy of the multi-million dollar check I obtained for a young man whose heart attack was missed despite every warning sign, or a copy of the deposition transcript of an eye doctor who inexplicably cut my client's optic nerve causing her to be permanently blind. Or how about the young woman who was in a car accident and had a CAT scan of her head showing she had an unrelated tumor that was compressing the optic nerve. The only problem was that nobody bothered to tell my client that she had this benign tumor. She too, lost total vision in her eye becauase of medical malpractice. Or how about the $1.5 Million dollar judgment I achieved on behalf of a family whose son was shot to death by a deranged store owner?

So, to answer the question- I don't need a certificate I have to pay for, to let my clients and prospective clients know the tangible results I've achieved.