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Are you partially at fault for your own injuries?


A: Most injured victims don't want to think about this. They know something was done wrong, but many cannot accept the fact that their own actions played a part in causing their injuries.

However, when evaluating your case, it is extremely important not only to identify who caused your injuries but whether you may have contributed as well.

For example, if you were driving a car and went through an intersection where the light was yellow and were involved in an accident, you may be partially at fault. If you made a left hand turn and the car that hit you was going straight, you may be partially at fault.

If your doctor gave you medical advice that you did not follow and you suffered injury, you may be partially at fault for being non-compliant with his medical instructions.

If a jury determines you are partially at fault, any money you ultimately recover will be proportionally reduced by the amount you are determined to have contributed to your own injuries.

Example: A jury may find you are 20% to blame for your injuries. If the jury awards you $1 million dollars, you would only be able to collect $800,000 (assuming there were no appeals).