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Car accidents-when someone leaves a question on a lawyer directory, why do so many New York attorneys respond immediately?



It's almost comical really. There are lawyer directories where an injured victim can ask a question and then the attorneys who participate on the directory then have an opportunity to answer the question.


Some lawyers do not like to promote themselves and simply give basic advice, without giving legal advice

Others, gladly encourage the person who is asking a question to call them since they have many years of experience handling these types of cases.

Yet others simply say “You need to speak to an experienced attorney who handles these types of cases.”

It's almost like watching vultures surround a dying animal. That's not really a great analogy since it portrays attorneys in a poor light. Lawyers already have difficulty establishing trust, and when 5, 10 or 15 attorneys respond with similar answers to such an inquiry, how then does the injured victim distinguish one lawyer from another?


The problem is that some lawyers will take the time to educate the injured victim and others give brief responses that have no useful information that the injured victim can use.

On the other hand, this may be a starting point for you, the injured victim to begin your search for the right attorney to handle your matter.

I love watching the attorneys who reply instantly. They get an immediate e-mail anytime someone leaves the question on the lawyer directory. They believe, sometimes correctly, that if they are the first person to respond, the injured victim will think more highly of a hyper-responsive attorney rather than someone who takes days to answer their question.

The problem with that thinking is at it sets a precedent for how the attorney works. That means that the injured victim may believe that if they hire that particular attorney and they have questions during the course of their litigation, that every time they send the attorney an e-mail, they should expect to get an immediate response.

The reality is that does not always happen and clients will often get upset when their expectations are that the attorney will call them back immediately and days go by without any response. I'm obviously talking in general now and there are some really good attorneys who are very responsive to their clients and others who are, let's say, not so responsive to their clients.


The key for any injured victim when you have a legal problem is to learn as much as you can about your problem before ever picking up the phone to speak to an attorney. Your goal is to become as educated and informed as possible so that when you ultimately decide to go to a particular lawyer, you have done your research, done your due diligence, and now are in a much better position to know what questions to ask when you speak to an attorney who you believe is right for you.