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Did You Know That How You Are Made to Feel in a NY Medical Malpractice Attorney's Office is Often More Important Than What The Lawyer Actually Does?



It's true.

Of course you want the attorney to do the best he can for you.

You want him to get a good result. That's the goal and expectation. 

However, you also know that NO lawyer, anywhere, can ever guarantee a result. Instead, he can guarantee that he will apply his knowledge and experience to your particular matter and do the best he possibly can to achieve a result for you.

Let's look at it another way.

If all medical malpractice trial attorneys have the same basic knowledge, how can one do a better job than any other lawyer who does the same type of work?

Obviously, there are some lawyers with more experience. There are also some lawyers who achieve notable results, whether by trial or settlement.

Let's assume you are considering hiring 3 different lawyers for your medical malpractice case here in New York.

Let's also assume they all have similar experience handling the type of case you have.

You visit each one.

  • The first is a solo practitioner with 25 years of experience.
  • The second works as a partner in a small law firm of 3 lawyers and has 22 years of experience.
  • The third works as a trial partner in a large firm of 30 lawyers and has 26 years of experience.

How do you choose which trial attorney is right for YOU?

Want to know the simple answer?

The one who makes you feel the best.

Not the one who promises you gold or a great outcome. 

Not the one with the fanciest office or most expensive watch on his wrist.

Not the one with the most expensive suit and highly polished shoes.

Instead, the one who's right for you is the one who makes you feel the most comfortable. The one you can relate to.

The one who understands your plight and recognizes that you might not have the perfect case.

The one who tells it to you straight and doesn't pull any punches.

That's the one you're likely to hire.

You want a trial attorney who is easily accessible and available to answer your questions. You want someone who is receptive to your concerns and doesn't blow you off. You want the one who takes the time to explain the legal process and how your specific case will work.

More importantly, it's how the attorney makes you feel. That will allow you to easily decide which attorney is right for you.