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Do you know why I like to go from one courtroom to another when I'm in court on a conference?



The answer is that I want to see who is on trial. I want to sit in and watch different trials. I want to observe really great lawyers in action. I want to see lawyers who don't know what they are doing.

I love watching a good trial. I love watching really experienced attorneys conduct cross examination of a witness. I love looking at the jury and trying to understand what's going through their minds as a witness is being questioned. I love looking for body language that suggests what someone may be thinking.

Being in court affords me the opportunity to see what's happening with other cases in the courthouse. The cases range from accident cases to medical malpractice cases to wrongful death cases, business disputes and many other types of cases. No matter what type of case is on trial, there are similar elements that an experienced attorney will always look for.

You always want to see the level of experience an attorney has. You want to see how confident they are. You want to see what techniques and tactics they are using to question a particular witness. You want to see their demeanor and how they present themselves to the court, to the jury and to their adversaries.

Being in practice for more than 24 years, it is more interesting to me to learn what not to do compared to what to do.

At this stage of my career, it is relatively easy to pick out the novice lawyer who is making mistakes. It is easy to detect a seasoned trial lawyer who knows what questions to ask and isn't fumbling around looking for his papers to ask the right questions.

As a trial attorney I am always learning. It is much more important to know what not to do, rather than to know what to do. That's one of the reasons I truly enjoy exploring the courthouse and seeing what cases are on trial.