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Do You Want a Law Firm Where Everybody Knows Your Name?



Do you remember the theme song from the TV show "Cheers?"

'...a place where everybody knows your name' was the heart of the theme song. It reflected a local neighborhood bar with locals and the entire staff knew your name.

It's actually comforting and pleasant when you walk into a restaurant and the owner, manager, waiters and waitresses not only know you by name, but they know what you like to eat and how you like your food cooked. It's nice to be in a place where you're made to feel special.

Law firms are the same.

You can go to a big law firm in a big city. The receptionists change often. The associates have big turnover. The feel you get when you walk in the door is 'impersonal'. It's all about how the firm makes you feel. I'm sure there are mid-sized firms and even large law firms that can make you feel special. The trick is trying to find them.

A small law-firm on the other hand or a solo practictioner has a distinct advantage over the bigger firms in making you feel special.

In a solo's office, he will know you by name. He will know your case. He will not need to head over to the computer to check and see what happened last on your case. His secretary will know you. She will have spoken to you many times. She will know you by name and by sight. You will get to know her well.

The solo attorney will be the one who meets with you on your initial visit to his office.

He will be the same lawyer who answers your questions on the phone.

He will be the same one who replies to your writen inquiries.

He will be the one who prepares you for your deposition and sits with you the entire day as you are questioned by the defense lawyer.

The solo attorney will likely be the one who attends your pre-trial conferences and appears for jury selection.

Likewise, he will probably be the one who tries your case, should it go to a trial.

The question you must answer is whether you want to go to a large law firm where your legal needs may be met but you wonder whether you'll be made to feel special or whether you're better off going to a place where everybody knows your name.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.