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Does a doctor who is found to have committed malpractice in New York lose his license to practice medicine?



The short answer is no.

When a doctor is found to have departed from good and accepted medical care, it means a jury has found them responsible for causing injury to the patient. With such a jury finding, the doctor will be required to compensate the injured victim for their injuries.

A doctor will not lose his license to practice medicine in the state of New York.

The only time a doctor will lose his license following a medical malpractice case is if the doctors acts were intentional. For example, in the real-life instance where a surgeon carved his initials on the inside of the patient's abdomen, the state Department of Health felt that this surgeon's ongoing treatment of patients would not be in their best interest and since this was an intentional act, he would need to be stopped immediately. In that instance, the surgeon's license was immediately revoked.

However, for the majority of doctors who are sued and decisions are rendered against them, the physician will not lose their license to practice.