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During your trial, the defense attorney is going to say something that will upset you greatly. Want to learn what that is?



After you have put on your evidence and testimony, the defense lawyer is going to stand up in front of the court and say something that will get you very upset.

What could a defense attorney say that could possibly get you upset? A lot.

After your attorney has put on all the evidence and testimony to support your claim, the defense has an opportunity to do a number of things before they start putting on their own defense with witnesses, testimony and evidence to oppose your case.

The defense attorney will stand before the court and request that your case be dismissed at that time. Before they even put on a single witness to defend the case they will ask the judge to dismiss your case.

Why would they do that?

They do that because they have the opportunity to get your case thrown out before they ever put on any witnesses.

What is the likelihood that a judge will agree with the defense attorney that you have failed to prove your case? It does not happen often, but it does happen occasionally. That means that there is always the possibility that the judge will agree with the defense attorney and dismiss your case.

Not only will you be shocked to hear the defense lawyer ask to dismiss your case, but you will likely be shocked as the judge considers this request.

In most instances, the judge will reserve decision and require the defense attorney to begin his part of the case. When the judge reserves decision, it means that they will not make a decision at that time, but rather will do that after the jury has returned a verdict.

Imagine how shocked you would be if the defense attorney makes that request and within minutes the judge has dismissed your case while you are sitting in the courtroom waiting for the defense to put on their first witness. It could be over in a matter of minutes.