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Have you ever heard a medical malpractice lawyer say in their advertising materials that the type of work they do is extremely complex and difficult?


A: I have a question for you: the fact that the attorney tells you how difficult and complicated their area of practice is, how does that make you feel as a potential new client?

Every time I hear that convoluted statement about how difficult and complex medical malpractices cases are, I'm left with the impression that the field of law is so difficult and complicated that the attorney has difficulty explaining it to the new potential client in clear and understandable terms.

A lawyer who handles a complex field of law should be the "solutions man or woman" and be able to simply explain legal concepts to you.

An attorney who handles these cases every day should be able to explain the process by which your case will work. There's nothing complicated or difficult about an experienced attorney spending time to teach and educate you about your possible case.

That's why I find it fascinating that so many good experienced lawyers make it so difficult and complicated for a new client to truly understand what happens in a potential case and to explain how the legal process works.