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How are you different from any other attorney who handles injury cases and medical malpractice cases?


A: To answer this question, simply click on one of my free reports that can be viewed and even downloaded from this site. Within the different reports, I detail what I do for my clients, and why their cases are so important to me. Being a solo practitioner has many advantages to working in a large firm. I am able to give my clients the attention and dedication they need. I know every aspect of their case. When a client calls to find out what's going on with their case, I don't have to run to the file and find out what three other attorneys did on the case in the last month. I know immediately. That is one of the main reasons why I opened my own office for the practice of law. In my office I use computers to help with the paperwork. I have staff to help with scheduling and with the phones. When you call my office, you'll get to know my secretary/paralegal. There's no voicemail here. I answer my phones when my secretary is out. My calls are forwarded to my cell phone when I'm out of the office, to make sure that my client's questions are answered immediately and promptly. Naturally, we all get busy during the day, and if I'm in Court, or at a deposition, or on trial, I always get back to you as soon as possible. Being a good attorney to me means responding to my clients concerns, keeping the lines of communication open, and knowing as much, if not more, about their case than they do!