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How common is dental malpractice?


A: Dental malpractice is lack of good care by a dentist. The lack of good care (also known as negligence, or a departure from good dental care) must have caused you injuries. The injuries must be significant in order to accept a claim for dental malpractice. Many times I see clients who have injuries to one or two teeth. Often times, this is not considered 'signficant' for the purposes of proceeding with a lawsuit because our expenses on the case will likely exceed what we could ever expect to obtain for you in compensation. The more significant cases involve the failure by a dentist to diagnose and treat bone loss resulting in loss of teeth and needing surgical reconstruction for the bone loss. This situation arises when dental decay continues untreated for a long period of time. If left untreated, the decay will continue into the bone. The bone structure becomes weakened and there is a definite loss of bone visible on x-rays. By the time this point is reached, even dental implants have very little chance of success. These types of cases are not that common, but when we see them, the damages can be very significant. If you have more questions about your dental case, please call and speak to me. 516-487-8207