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How Do We Get Your Medical Records From Your Treating Doctors?



In order to properly do a thorough and complete investigation to determine whether you have a valid basis for a case, it is necessary for me to obtain your relevant medical records.

We cannot simply call up the doctor's office and say “Do me a favor, I represent Mrs. Jones, please send over all of her records right away.”

Instead, the doctors office requires written permission from you, the patient, in order to release copies of your records. This is more commonly known as an “authorization.”

That is why, when you come to my office, I have you sign some forms which are nothing more than permission slips requesting your medical records.

We take your signed permission slips and attach a cover letter to it. We then send it off to your doctor's office. We are asking the doctor to send copies of your medical records.

Once the doctor's office receives our request for your records, they will determine how much it costs to copy them. They will send us a letter asking for payment to copy your records before releasing your records.

When we receive the letter from the doctor's office asking for copying payment, we will send them a check for copying costs. The doctor's office then receives our check, makes copies and then forwards the records to my office.

That is how we get copies of your records. We go through the same exact process when requesting copies of your medical records from the hospital as well.

Depending upon how busy the doctor's office is or the hospital, getting your medical records can take anywhere from four weeks to eight weeks or more.