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I Have a New Case: What Do You Ask During Our Initial Phone Call?


A: I ask two key questions:
1. "What do you think was done wrong?" and
2. What injuries did you suffer as a result of whatever was done wrong?
Why do I ask those two important questions?
Let me tell you why.
Contained within those two questions are three important legal elements I need in order to initially determine whether or not you might have a valid case.

Now I recognize that most people will not be able to totally answer those questions. However it is a great starting point for me to get a brief understanding of what problem you had and what are the extent of your injuries or disabilities.

In order to prove, let's say a medical malpractice case, I have to show not only that there was wrongdoing, but that the wrongdoing caused injury and whether your injury is significant and/or permanent. A medical expert must confirm each of those elements.

After being in practice for more than 23 years, this initial call to determine what type of matter or case you have takes only a few minutes. Often a new caller thinks that when they hear "Hi, it's Gerry Oginski, the attorney" on the phone, they think that's their opportunity to begin to tell me their entire story.

Actually, it's not. It's simply the chance to give me a small amount of information so I can make a decision about whether your case may be the right one for me. Importantly, not every case is right for every lawyer. If I think your case may be the right type of case for me and my law firm, I will invite you into my office for full detailed discussion. At that point I will encourage you to tell me everything possible about what happened to you.

In the event I am unable to help you just after talking with you for a few moments, I will explain why and will tell you what your options are.