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I went to two other lawyers before coming to you. Each of them told me my case was worth millions. Why aren't you telling me the same thing?


A: Simple. What those lawyers did was tell you something they could never guarantee. There is no way for them to know how much money they could obtain for you, especially before any case is started on your behalf. Even if I were to give you a number that I believe you are entitled to, it would be absolutely wrong. I could give you a wildly outrageous number or a very small number. Both would be wrong. At the begining, there is so much information to obtain about your injuries, your medical records and how your injuries have affected you that it is impossible to tell you what your case is really worth at the outset. It's true that there are similar cases that we may know the value of, but remember, each case is different, and each case has different facts that can make it difficult to compare with yours. The job of a good lawyer is to gather ALL of your information, and then formulate the chances and likelihood of success of your case. A lawyer who does that stands a much better chance of explaining to a client the approximate value of their case. I'll let you in on a little secret. I suspect that those other attorneys who told you your case was worth millions did so primarily to have you sign up with them as opposed to going to another attorney. No matter what any lawyer says, it is impossible to guarantee such a result. If you don't believe me, just ask the lawyer to put that promise in WRITING. See how quickly they backtrack when you ask them to do that!