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If a Lawyer Isnt On Trial, What the Heck Does He Do All Day?



  1. Reply to requests for documents by defense lawyers
  2. Answer letters from adversaries
  3. Speak to existing clients
  4. Meet with new prospective clients
  5. Speak to experts who have reviewed a case
  6. Prepare a case for trial
  7. Prepare documents to start a lawsuit
  8. Prepare discovery requests (requests for documents)
  9. Make a motion; this is where the attorney formally asks the judge to take action and force the defendant to do something
  10. Try to settle a case
  11. Meet new referral sources including other attorneys who may refer cases in the future (generate new business)
  12. Take steps to market their law firm; write a blog post, write an article, create an educational video
  13. Give legal advice to existing clients