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If All Lawyers Know the Law, How Do You Know Which Lawyer Can Best Help You?



It seems like such a simple question.

Each attorney who practices accident law in NY should know the law.

Yet there are different experience levels of each attorney. One lawyer may have 100 trials in their career involving exactly the type of car accident case you have. Another may have 10 trials under his belt. Another may not even try cases and simply refer the case out to someone else.

How do you truly know which lawyer is right for you?

The answer is that you need to do your research. You need to know what information the attorney provides to you. Does he teach you, educate you and explain how the lawsuit process works BEFORE you ever meet him?

Does the attorney have useful video on his website that explains what happens in a lawsuit in New York?

If the attorney doesn't have useful information on his website, ask yourself "Why not?"

Learn as much as you can about the attorney and what he teaches, then make your decision.