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If I can't come to your office, can you meet me in my home?


A: Sure. I try and accomodate clients as much as possible. We offer this service as most attorneys do, to relieve you of making any unnecessary trips when you are recuperating from your injuries. There is however a very important psychological reason for asking you to come into our office to discuss your case, if you are physically able. When you enter our office, you see how we work, and what type of office we have. You get a sense of how we handle our cases, and we start to build a professional relationship. It's important for us to get to know each other since we'll be together for a while as your case winds its' way through the legal system. More importantly, being in our office puts you in a new and strange environment. This is similar to putting you in Court on the witness chair. It allows us the opportunity to evaluate you as a potential witness in your own case. Believe it or not, but an attorney evaluates your demeanor, your dress, and your behavior when you meet with them the first time. (This even happens with atorneys who represent defendants who are sued.) They will usually determine what type of witness they think you will make at trial...even if you're a few years away from any trial. The bottom line is that, yes, we can come to you. At some point though you also need to come to us. If you can't travel we can arrange for you to meet us in an attorney's office or bar association office near your home. Come see for yourself. There's no charge, no fee, and remember, there's never an obligation.