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If I'm a New Prospective Client, Can I Call You and Speak to You Immediately?


A: That would be ideal...for you.

For me...not so ideal and here's why.

You obviously have a legal problem, questions and concerns and need answers to your questions. That's why I'm here. I help people like you every day. In fact, I answer legal questions like yours every day. I enjoy answering questions and helping injured victims.


I used to stop what I was doing every day and took every call that came in, right at that moment. I then couldn't understand how and why it took me so much time to return to working on my client's cases.

Since then I quickly realized that the best way to maximize my resources and time is to give specific individual attention to each new caller and existing client's case. The best way to do that is to schedule your call as a new potential caller.

This way, I have set aside a dedicated amount of time to talk to you about your concerns. I am also not interrupting other work I am in the middle of doing.

This way, my existing clients get the benefit of my dedicated time as well and it turns out to be a win-win situation for all concerned.


Of course you can speak to me. I welcome your call! You just need to schedule a free consult so I can devote my time just to you and I'm solely focused on you and your issues. That's the best way to address your questions.