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If I was convicted of a crime does that prevent me from bringing a lawsuit?


A: No. One should have nothing to do with the other. If you bring a lawsuit for an accident or medical malpractice, your credibility is always an issue. You will be asked whether you have every been convicted of a crime. If the answer is yes, you must answer truthfully. Being upfront about it is always better than trying to hide it. Besides, the defense will find out anyway when they do a search on you to see if you've ever been convicted. Just imagine what you'd do to your credibility if you denied ever being convicted, when in fact your conviction shows up on a background check! In jury selection we let the jurors know that you have been in trouble with the law, paid your price and done your time. But, we let the jurors know that your past has nothing to do with the issues before them now. Hopefully the jurors will understand that and accept this fact. Regardless of what you did in the past, you are still entitled to good medical care, and entitled to be free from harm.