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I'm unhappy with my current treating doctor, can you recommend a doctor for me to go to?


A: I could, but I won't. If you read my free report on this site, "5 deadly sins that could wreck your injury claim," you'll see why I simply do not recommend physicians for my clients. There's a very important reason I do not do this. CREDIBILITY. Yours, mine, and the physician who comes in to testify on your behalf. Jurors don't really like to hear that the attorney sent the client to a doctor for ongoing treatment. Why not? Because if the attorney has sent you there, there's a good likelihood he's sent other client's there as well. There's also a good chance other attorneys have sent their clients to that doctor also. Importantly, the defense will make sure to bring out the fact that this doctor is a 'favorite' of plaintiff's attorneys because of what he says in behalf of patients who have been referred to him by attorneys. "But another attorney I know does this. Does that mean it's wrong?" No it doesn't. In some cases, there may not be any expert or physician willing to evaluate or treat your condition. In that case, you may have no other option. Remember, in a lawsuit one's credibility is of the utmost importance. If you are caught in a lie, whether intentional or by mistake, the defense will argue that if you have lied about this fact, how can we believe you have testified truthfully to other important facts? The bottom line is that I don't do it. I may suggest that you go to another hospital or clinic or possibly even another physician within the group you are seeing.