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Is early settlement right for you?


A: Only if you have a 'smoking gun' case on liability. What does that mean? That liability is clear-cut.

Early settlement begins a process of negotiation. It does not guarantee that you'll resolve your case nor does it guarantee that any offer by the defense will be appropriate.

If you bring a lawsuit against the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (NYCHHC), the legal entity responsible for the municipal hospitals within the five burroughs of New York City, you should know that they have an early settlement unit.

The early settlement unit is designed to identify problematic cases for the defense and to try and resolve those cases early.

One benefit to resolving a case that has clear liability at an early stage, is that it limits the expenses both sides will incur if litigation continues. This can be an effective tool if the right case is selected for early settlement and both parties have an open mind about where they want the negotiation process to end up.