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Is there a fee to call you about my case?


A: There is absolutely no fee to call me and discuss your case. Nor is there any fee to meet with me in my office or your home. As an injury attorney, I work on contingency. That means that I only accept a case if there is merit, and only if we believe, after a thorough investigation of the case, that you are entitled to compensation. I earn a fee only if I am able to obtain compensation for you. If I am not able to obtain compensation for you, then I receive no fee. This is standard in New York for cases involving injury claims and medical malpractice matters. In a case where we are unable to get you compensated for your injuries, the law says that the client is ultimately responsible for any litigation expenses related to the prosecution of the lawsuit. It has been my practice that I do not ask the client to repay my litigation expenses in the event their case is lost. It's bad enough to lose a case that you truly believed had merit. It would make it even worse to then compound that devastation with a bill from the attorney asking to be repaid for all the trial and litigation expenses. In my opinion it's simply bad business. I don't do it. However, I know attorneys who do. So, before hiring an attorney, please make sure you ask them whether they require repayment of their expenses in the event you lose your case.