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My friends tell me that the lady who was burned by McDonald's coffee was awarded 3 Million dollars. My injury is worse, so why isn't my case worth more?


A: First, although the 'McDonald's lady' was awarded a large amount of money by the jury, that's not actually what she took home. The amount was reduced significantly following the verdict. The value of your injury is evaluated by similar injuries in the community where you live or where your case is pending. A fractured foot in Rockland County will have a different value than a similar injury in Brooklyn. Remember, every case is different. Injuries affect different people different ways. Some people can ignore pain. Others complain about it constantly. Each injury causes different disabilities. There are many factors that go into the equation when we discuss the value of a case. Apples must be compared with apples. We cannot compare apples and oranges (or any other fruit you can think of).