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My surgery happened 4 yrs ago in NY. Can I bring a case now?


A: What were you waiting for?
Why did you wait so long?

There are strict time limits in which you have to bring a lawsuit for medical wrongdoing here in New York. If you wait longer than that time, you will be unable to bring suit.

As of today, you have only 2 1/2 years within which to bring a lawsuit for medical malpractice. However, that only applies if you are an adult. It only applies if you are going to sue a private doctor or a private hospital. There are other exceptions. Continuous treatment is one of them. That means continuous treatment with the same doctor for the same condition and complaint as you originally went to him for, may, in some limited circumstances, extend the time for you to file a lawsuit.

If your claim involves wrongdoing that happened as you were giving birth and your baby was injured, this time frame does NOT apply. If your claim involves injuries to a child, this time period does NOT apply. If your injury happened in a municipal hospital (a city-owned or city-operated hospital) this time limit does not apply. If your accident or injury happened in a State hospital or State-run health care facility, this time limit does not apply.

The bottom line is that there are MANY time limits that apply to different situations and different facilities. Do not, under any circumstance, rely on a friend, a colleague or a neighbor to tell you how much time you have to bring a lawsuit. It is not a reliable way to make sure your case is timely.

Instead, the ONLY way to know whether your matter is timely is to pick up the phone and call. If we undertake to perform a detailed and thorough investigation on your matter, then we can tell you exactly whether your case is timely. What are you waiting for? You’ve waited long enough. Pick up the phone and call me.

I can help. This is what I do every day. You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by email at [email protected] I welcome your call.