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What is a General Release?


A: A general release is a document that is given to the attorneys who represent people who have been sued when a case is settled in New York. It is a binding document that tells the world that this lawsuit has been finished and settled for a particular amount of money. As a result of that amount of money (also known as consideration), the person who has brought the lawsuit releases the person who has been sued from any and all further obligations from now until the end of time.

If you have signed a general release in exchange for monetary compensation and then later change your mind claiming that you believe you are entitled to more money, you will have an extremely difficult time convincing a judge that they should void your settlement.

When a civil lawsuit is settled in New York, we must provide the defense with two critical documents. The most important documents include (1) a “stipulation of discontinuance” that lets the court know the case is over and (2) a general release which releases that person or company from any further  obligations relating to this Claim or any injuries arising out of this claim.