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What is an authorization?


A: An authorization is nothing more than a permission slip which allows your attorney and the defense attorneys to get copies of your medical records. When you bring a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries, your attorney must obtain copies of your medical records in order to properly evaluate the extent of your injuries. In order for the doctor to release your records, they must have a written permission slip from you, known as an authorization.

When you bring a lawsuit in New York, you are obligated by law to provide authorizations so that the defense lawyers representing the people you have sued are also able to get copies of your records directly from your treating physicians. This allows the defense lawyers to evaluate the extent of your injuries.

A doctor or hospital is not permitted to release your medical records unless you have given specific written permission to them to release those records to someone else. That is why you will be required to sign an authorization any time you go to a lawyer who investigates your case and when you're lawsuit is started.