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What do your former clients have to say about the quality of your work?


A: Here- see for yourself! "We are very happy with the settlement that you obtained. This was a great accomplishment that was made possible by your dedication and experience. Your sincere and caring manner helped to make this experience easier than expected. We truly felt as though we were being helped by a good friend and this case was not just another file number. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone. You've been great! Thanks for everything." Victor & Lucianna Aiello, Brooklyn, NY "During the time of Mr. Oginski handling my case he was very curteous and pleasant to work with. His work was very thorough, efficient, swift and precise. All of these words define's excellence. I would recommend Mr. Oginski to anyone who ask for legal advice." Jeanette Mason, Brooklyn, N.Y. "Dear Gerry: My mother, brother, and I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest and sincerest thanks for your diligent work on our case. Your thoughtful and compassionate demeanor made this whole situation much less stressful and difficult on the three of us. We were all very pleased by the settlement and were all very relieved that we did not have to take this very personal situation to trial. Mr. Oginski kept us abreast of all issues and matters. He was a true professional, extremely knowledgeable. The settlement, given our circumstances was very acceptable. Best regards, Anthony Gonzalez, Queens, N.Y."