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What if I don't know an attorney and don't know someone who can refer me to a trusted attorney? Where can I look for more information about a medical malpractice or accident lawyer in New York?



The best way to find an attorney is from someone who has used that lawyer before and believes they are trustworthy and has the exact type of experience you need.

However, not everyone knows an attorney like that. Not everyone has had a legal problem requiring an accident or medical malpractice attorney here in New York.

What if you don't know someone who can refer you to a trusted lawyer?

The next best step is to begin your search online.

You are searching for information about how to solve your legal problem. When you come across articles, blog posts, videos and more, look to see what type of helpful information the attorney provides to you. They won't give you legal advice online, but they should be explaining to you how lawsuits like yours work.

In fact, really smart attorneys provide you with hundreds of FAQ's and answers, hundreds and thousands of articles and blog posts explaining how cases like yours works as well as hundreds of videos to explain the legal process here in New York.

This is just some of the useful information you'll find here on my website.

In addition, you'll find four consumer-oriented books to the right that you can immediately download and start reading.

Then, after learning about your particular matter, you will be a better-educated consumer and now you'll have a better understanding of what questions to ask when you pick up the phone to speak to an experienced accident or medical malpractice lawyer in NY.