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What is a pretrial conference?



Your case is on the trial calendar.

We have told the court that your case is technically ready for trial.

What that means is that now sits on the court's calendar and we must now wait for it to rise to the top and be notified that your case is ready for jury selection.

Before the we are notified to come in to pick a jury on your case, the court wantsto see if there's a chance the case can be settled.

The court notifies us that we must appear for a pretrial conference. This is an opportunity for the attorneys to come into court and let the trial scheduling judge know what the settlement posture is at that point. If there is an opportunity to try and settle the case, the court will have a settlement conference with the attorneys. If there is no chance the case can be settled, the judge will then set down a date for jury selection to begin.

In some cases, the defense attorney may not have specific information necessary to advise the court about whether settlement discussions can take place. In that instance, the court may adjourn the conference to another date so that the defense attorney can speak with his principals and then return to court on another date with his answer.