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What is additur?


A: Your case goes to trial. You have a strong case. Your experts were strong. Your injuries were significant. The jury liked you. They compensated you for your injuries. They awarded you money. The only problem is that the amount they awarded was small and insignificant.

The amount they awarded you was inconsistent with the severity of your injuries. Your treating doctors confirmed your disabilities. Yet the jury just didn’t see their way clear to awarding what you and your attorney thought was appropriate.

Your lawyer filed a request to the trial judge to raise the award. That’s known as an ‘additur’. The trial judge decided not to interfere in the jury’s decision.

Your lawyer then filed an appeal, asking the Appellate Division to adjust the award upward. Similar cases with similar injuries resulting in a significantly higher award. If the Appellate Court agrees, they will order an additur that increases the amount you are to receive.