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What Is AV Nodal Reentry Tachycardia?



Tachycardia simply means fast heart rate. The AV node is a particular area on the heart that send signals to the heart about when to trigger and pump blood. There are  different electrical nodes on the heart. When the signals get mixed or short-circuited, it creates many different complications including a fast heart rate, palpitations and possibly even death.

What treatment is available for this condition?

A procedure known as a cardiac ablation is often useful to treat this type of condition.

The patient is given mild sedation and then they're given medication to stimulate and trigger an extremely fast heart rate. It is designed to replicate the abnormal heart rate in order for the doctor to see exactly where the electrical impulses are being short-circuited. Once the doctor has identified and  mapped out where those impulses are going or not going, they have the ability to then ablate, or burn, the aberrant electrical pathway, which is another way of saying 'short-circuit' so this does not occur in the future.

Patients often reports feeling intense burst of heat at the moment the medication is administered to trigger the fast heart rate. The reason why there is a perceived feeling of extreme heat is that it travels from the point of injection to your toes and to your brain in fractions of a second. This represents the speed at which blood travels throughout your body and is an amazing insight into what our body does every day.