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What is hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy?



This phrase refers to brain damage.

Hypoxia is a decreased amount of oxygen, usually to the brain.

Ischemia is a decreased blood flow.

Encephalopathy refers to the brain dysfunction or injury.

This type of phrase is often seen in the severely brain injured baby who suffered some type of problem during labor and delivery.

The effects of this type of brain damage can range from seizures to developmental delays in addition to lack of motor control.

Parents who have newborn children who are told their child suffered hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy often wonder what caused this to happen. The doctors and hospital staff will give you many exclamations. Some of which will satisfy your curiosity, others will pique your curiosity and drive you to learn more about this condition.

There is abundant medical literature and experts throughout the country who have consistently shown that a delay in delivering the baby in light of fetal distress has been shown to cause significant brain injury.

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