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What is surveillance video, and why do I need to know about it?


A: In many car accident cases where victims claim they were injured, insurance companies for the other driver routinely send out private investigators to secretly videotape you doing some type of physical activity. They do this to determine if your claims are genuine. Naturally, if they are not, you deserve to be caught and brought to justice. However, when your claims are genuine, the insurance company surveillance videotapes can often help prove your disability. "Look at Mr. Jones, walking with a limp. He needs assitance getting into his car. You don't see him laying bricks, or playing basketball. We told you he could walk...but look at how his walking affects his balance and gait. This puts stress on his spine..." Importantly, if you claim you cannot do certain daily activities, or do them with difficulty, you must be truthful when you make such statements. Otherwise, the videotape may show otherwise.