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What is the “Million Dollar Forum?”



This is an organization that is basically a marketing organization that licenses their badge for attorneys to put on all their marketing and advertising messages.

It is designed to show consumers and prospective clients that an attorney has achieved a certain level of success handling and trying cases. The only requirement to joining this organization is to verify that you have settled a case or tried a case the verdict that has resulted in a seven figure result. Interestingly, the organization does not verify any of this information prior to accepting an attorney's application. Instead, they require the attorney to self-verify this information. Then the lawyer pays a fee to join. That's it. That is all that is involved for an attorney to participate in this organization.

From a realistic standpoint, it is incumbent upon the lawyer to accurately verify that he has achieved settlements or verdicts of $1 million or more. If a lawyer falsely advertises his services and falsely verifies that he has obtained million-dollar results, when in fact he may not have, he will certainly run into a problem from an ethical standpoint and from the grievance committee in his or her state.

If you see this badge on an attorney's website or letterhead it simply means that they have self-verified that they have achieved a settlement or verdict of $1 million or more.