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What is the "Super Lawyers Magazine" that New York Magazine publishes each year?



It's an advertising bonanza for New York Magazine. The magazine claims that they objectively poll attorneys to see who is the "best" lawyer according to ones' peers. The magazine then lets the law firm or lawyer know the "results" of the poll, and importantly, gives that lawyer or law firm the opportunity to buy a large display ad to appear in their "Super Lawyers" special edition. Full page ads cost $17,000, with smaller ads costing less. I have to tell you that the ads look really nice- they're professionaly done- and for $17,000 they should be. However, I've heard from many attorneys that they were never "polled" to see who they thought was the "best" lawyer in their field of law, and therefore question the methods used to come to the conclusion that these lawyers are "Super Lawyers."