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What should you expect when you call my NY medical malpractice & personal injury law office?



The first is that my phone will be answered either by my personal secretary Frances, or if she's not in, by my receptionist team.

In fact, one of the first questions my secretary will ask you is how were you referred to my office.

The really cool thing about being a New York medical malpractice trial attorney is that most of the people who call are referred by friends and family. It's important for me to know who sent you to me so I can can follow up with a personal thank you card to express my appreciation.

The next thing Frances will want to know is whether the wrongdoing happened here in the state of New York.

Why is that important?

If your matter happened in another state, I cannot help you since I only practice law in NY. However, there is a good chance I might be able to refer you to a trusted attorney in another state.

After learning how you were referred to me or how you found me, and after determining that your matter happened in New York, Frances will ask you what type of matter you have. Is it a medical malpractice matter? Is it an accident case? Does it involve wrongful death?

This is important to get a quick sense of what type of case you might have.

The next step Frances will take will be to schedule your brief telephone conference with me.

Every person who calls for more information is then scheduled to have a brief 5-10 minute telephone conference with me. I initiate the call and usually have these phone conferences in the afternoon.

Frances will tell you, when setting up your call, that I will be asking you two key questions:

1. What do you think was done wrong? and

2. What injury did you suffer as a result of that wrongdoing?

Importantly, my initial telephone call with you is ONLY a screening call. I only need very specific answers to very specific questions. If I need to ask follow-up questions, I certainly will. This screening call is NOT an opportunity for you to tell me everything that happened. That will occur if I invite you into the office to conduct a full investigation.

What happens next on the call?

Frances will ask you whether you'd like to receive an electronic copy (pdf) of one of my popular consumer-oriented books like "Secrets of a New York Medical Malpractice Attorney," and whether you'd like to receive a copy of my educational newsletter "NY Injury Times."

After that, she'll confirm your scheduled telephone call with me and thank you for calling.