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When Will LIPA Restore My Electricity Here on Long Island Following Hurricane Sandy?



The answer is "Who Knows."

The electric company, Long Island Power Authority together with National Grid are responsible for powering Long Island. Following Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 and October 30, 2012 over 900,000 people were without power.

According to a recent expose in Newsday, LIPA failed to properly prepare for the massive hurricane we just experienced. A study evaluating the electric company found significant deficiencies including outdated and antiquated electrical equipment, the use of outdated computers and software dating back decades and a lack of communication with customers.

One report cited LIPA as a nameless, faceless corporation that locked it's front doors after irate customers were demanding answers in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. Do you think that's good customer service?

I, for one, have been without power now for 12 days. With temperatures in the 30's it is impossible to live in your house. LIPA's website fails to answer the most basic question: "When will my power be restored?"

There is much angst when neighbors get their electricity restored and days later you still have no power. No answers. No explanations. No customer service other than excuses like "We're working on it," or "We'll get to it," or "This hurricane was bigger than we expected."

Well, LIPA, when comes time for your electric bill to be paid, how about all of your customers who were without power for weeks, withold your payment for the same amount of time? 

Lots of frustrated and angry homeowners here on Long Island who are extremely disappointed with the faceless and excuse-filled answers given by LIPA.