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When you settle a case, why do you make a record in court of the settlement?


A: When a case is settled, it must be done in accordance with specific rules to confirm the settlement. Either it's done in Court, in the presence of a Judge and a Court reporter, or it's done privately between the attorneys. If it's done in Court, the terms of the agreement are clearly spelled out and recorded by the reporter. Copies of the settlement are then distributed to all the lawyers. If the settlement is done by the attorneys, make sure that your lawyer spells out each and every detail of the settlement terms. Another good idea is to make sure that a phrase is inserted into any settlment agreement that says that the settlement is guaranteed to be paid by the insurance company, regardless of whether the injured victim lives or dies before getting the settlement check. Read my April 2005 newsletter in the library section of this site to find out why this is so important.