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Where can you bring your lawsuit? In other words, where's the venue where your case will be held?



You might think this is a simple question to answer. If you live in Brooklyn, you might think you would want to bring your case in Brooklyn. However, that is not always the case. If your accident happened in the Bronx, you might consider bringing your lawsuit in the Bronx, especially if the driver who caused your accident lives in the Bronx.

An injured victim has a few different choices about where to bring a lawsuit when they bring a case for medical malpractice, wrongful death or an accident lawsuit.

Your first natural inclination is to bring your case in the county where you live. The alternative is to bring it in the county where the people you are suing have their main place of business or live.

Some people believe that if the incident happened in a place different than where they live or have their place of business, that might be acceptable. That is not always the case.

Does it make a difference where you bring a lawsuit?

It might. There are many factors that an attorney evaluates when deciding where to bring the lawsuit. Sometimes you do not have a choice. Other times you do.

What happens if the county that you choose for your lawsuit is technically incorrect?

If you do not have a legal right to bring a lawsuit in a particular county, it will then be the defense's choice where the lawsuit should be held. That's a dangerous position to be in for you. The law allows you, the injured victim, to make the first move about where to place you lawsuit. You need to choose wisely after discussing your options with your attorney.