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Why can't lawyers in New York use testimonials in their marketing or advertising?


A: Each State has their own specific rules on what lawyers can and cannot do. If you go on vacation and look through the yellow pages under 'lawyers' you might find ads that have statements by former clients saying things like "My lawyer was the best one in the world! He got me millions, and I know he can do the same for you too!" In New York, lawyers are not permitted to say things like this. Why? Mainly because every case is different. If we obtained a great result for our last client, doesn't necessarily mean that our next case will be a good one, or that we'd win your case at trial. The Bar Association doesn't want to give the public a false impression that a lawyer can guarantee a result, when he can't. Nor do they want potential clients to hire an attorney soley on puffery or self-laudation (showing what a great lawyer he or she is). The same thinking applies to an ad that has a person smiling, holding a poster-sized check, with a lot of zeros after some number, giving the appearance that this person got a lot of money, and so can you. An attorney can post a client's comments about the attorney and how diligent they were, and how responsive they were to their questions and needs.