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Why do I need to tell my lawyer about my most personal things? Some things are private and embarassing and I don't want anyone to know about them.


A: Your lawyer is supposed to keep all discussions with you totally confidential. When you bring a lawsuit for injuries you suffered, your medical condition becomes an open book. It is extremely important for your lawyer to know if you have any skeletons lurking in your medical history. He (or she) needs to know whether you had any prior medical problems that are similar to, or relate to the condition you are now complaining about. While there are many personal things we do not like to discuss with others, your attorney must know about these personal things in order to properly guide you and come up with a legal strategy to best suit your needs, while at the same time protecting your rights. If you do not tell your lawyer about past medical conditions, it could come back to haunt you and seriously jeopardize or impair your case. Credibility is key in any case. If you hide a medical condition you can be sure the defense will find it and exploit it at a deposition or trial.