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Why do some lawyers advertise?


A: To get business. It's the same with many businesses. A member of the public who is injured may have no idea who to turn to when an injury has disabled them. They are inundated by daytime lawyer ads on TV. We see the ads on billboards, in the yellow pages, even in the newspapers, and also on the radio. If you take a look at your yellow pages, look under "Lawyers." You are bound to see 30-40 pages of lawyer ads. Just think about all the ad revenue the phone books make from lawyer advertising. Why? Because most people don't know a lawyer, and they've been conditioned over time to look to the yellow pages for someone when they need a service. (This is true for plumbers, electricians and many trades). Just because someone has a full page ad in the yellow pages doesn't mean that person is qualified to handle your case. Look at my free special report in the 'Library' section of this site that discusses lawyer advertising, and how to choose an attorney. It gives plenty of important information about what you need to know before hiring an attorney.