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Why do some lawyers and law firms feel the need to send out press releases about what they do for a living?


A: The short answer is that those lawyers and law firms do not have a website that ranks highly in the search engines. They have been told by marketing reps who sell their services that the only way a website viewer is going to see what they have to offer is by buying their services. Those services include sending out and blasting press releases online to every online organization they can possibly find, in the hopes that their marketing message is going to be picked up by just some news organizations.

When looking online for an attorney, make sure you look carefully at the website where the information is coming from. Ask whether it is a public relations firm or is it a bona fide news organization that finds the law firm's information 'newsworthy'? 

Many lawyers who blog will get their message across quickly since those blog posts are picked up by Google and the search engines naturally, without the need for a press release. In fact, there are some legal bloggers who refuse to even look at press releases by lawyers and law firms because they claim it is simply one lawyer trying to puff their way to getting publicity.

Regardless of the motive, you decide whether the information you are reading allows you to make an educated decision about whether this lawyer is the right one for you.