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Why is an Autopsy Useful in a Wrongful Death Case in New York?



In any wrongful death case, one of the first things I want to know is "What was the cause of death?"

The reason?

I need to know why the person died.

I need to know if any medical expert confirmed the precise cause of death.


In order to prove a valid medical malpractice or accident case, I need to show that the wrongdoing caused injury and likely caused or contributed to their death.

Once we know the cause of death, we can work backwards and see if the wrongdoing contributed to their death.

If we cannot connect the wrongdoing to the death then we will be unable to successfully prove your case.

If we don't know the precise cause of death, we may still be able to prove your case, but it will likely be much more challenging.

Keep in mind there are many times, if no autopsy is done, that we are unable to show the wrongdoing caused death. Death may have been caused by other medical complications having nothing to do with any wrongdoing. That's why having an autopsy can often be helpful in answering the issues in such a case.