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This blog is designed to educate and inform you about recent news and how it may impact your legal case in New York. I have provided commentary and opinion and welcome your comments to keep the conversation going.

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Trip and fall into a trench during a construction project.

Construction company fails to put up safety cones or barriers & Pedestrian crossing street falls into trench and fractures elbow. Who is responsible for injury?

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Gerry Oginski
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I Can't Believe I Slipped On Ice!

Over the years I have written many articles about slip and falls on snow and ice here in New York. I've had my share of slipping on ice. Today in New York it's a rainy 35° and the ground is covered in certain parts with melting ice. Parking my car in the back of my office building left me on a large patch of ice. Feeling brave and fearless, I eagerly got out of my car and began the short walk to the front door of my building. My black leather shoes had zero traction despite my heel being made of rubber. Unfortunately, the day that I decided to park on a large patch of ice it figures that I was not wearing my snow boots.

Category: Keyword Search: hazard