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Physical Therapy You Can Expect to Receive After a Car Accident

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Gerry Oginski
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Today's guest post is written by Shannon Wills, who writes on the topic of Physical Therapy.

An automobile accident is a traumatic experience, one that brings on various mixed feelings. On the one hand you’re grateful to be alive, but on the other you’re wondering how you’re going to cope with the injuries the mishap has left you with. Different accidents give rise to different kinds of mishaps, so your treatment needs tend to vary accordingly. In general, if you suffer broken bones and sprained muscles, you may need surgical care first before moving on to physiotherapy.

Once you’re out of the hospital and ready to resume normal life, a physical therapist’s work is to help you re-learn all the activities that you did with ease before you were injured. Your joints and muscles need to be coaxed into working the way they did before the accident, and the exercises designed by your therapist help you achieve this.

If you’ve suffered neurological injuries, physical therapists can help you regain a sense of normalcy in your life. They work with you and train you to re-learn simple things that allow you to live independently – like how to brush your teeth, bathe and dress yourself, and even fix a simple meal to stave off hunger. Of course, the outcome of the treatment depends on the extent of your injuries, but there is proof to show that healthy parts of the brain can learn to do what the dead or injured cells normally did as a matter of routine.

Physical therapy also helps car accident victims when there is damage to the spinal cord; in tandem with neurological therapy and massage therapy, physical therapy has been used to improve the lives of patients with injuries to the spinal cord that disable them and leave them confined to bed or a wheelchair. Therapy helps them keep their muscles strong and prevent them from atrophying because they’re not using them. Also, massages are relaxing and also help release toxins and excess fluids which are trapped in your system and which cause debilitating pain.

The most common application of physical therapy after an automobile accident however is for joint, bone and ligament injuries. Once the corrective or reconstructive surgeries are done, it is up to you to do what it takes to get back to normal. Your therapist will set up an exercise program which you have to adhere to everyday. Once you reach a certain stage and are able to do certain things, your therapist steps up the intensity of the exercises and moves you up to the next level. All the exercises are targeted towards increasing mobility, improving flexibility, and enhancing muscle strength.

The right physical therapist can work wonders after a car accident, even for people who have suffered extensive injuries and are confined to bed for a long time.

This guest post is contributed by Shannon Wills, on the topic of Physical Therapy Assistant. She welcomes your comments at her email: [email protected]

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Gerry Oginski
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1 Comments to "Physical Therapy You Can Expect to Receive After a Car Accident"

thank you for this website.
My friend was hit by a car Feb. 2011.
He never received physical therapy to date (today is 2/8/12).
Is this legal?
He was on a motorized wheelchair when he got hit.
We live in Hawaii. It has been hard finding a good lawyer, not to mention good medical help, if there is such a thing.
I may even call Gerry because he sounds heartfelt & I need info that i have not been able to get.
Thank you.
Denise Fleury
Posted by Denise on February 8, 2012 at 11:33 AM

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