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Woman who started a fight with McDonald’s employee sues the establishment

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Last year, in October 2011, two customers entered a local McDonald’s establishment to order some food. According to a news broadcaster in the video posted within the article, the customers handed over a fifty-dollar bill to pay for their order. A McDonald’s employee then questioned the validity of the fifty-dollar bill. Shortly thereafter, the two customers began to argue with the employee.

One customer jumped over the counter, whereas the other customer walked around the counter to meet the employee. While both customers were on the other side of the counter, the McDonald’s employee took a heavy-duty grill scraper and began to physically hit the two customers with the scraper. Another customer from the store captured the incident with their phone.

As a result of the incident, one woman suffered a fractured skull and a broken arm. The other woman suffered from a deep cut. The alarming video captures the explicit details of the event. For instance, while the employee violently hit the two women into the ground, the women begged for him to stop. According to the other customers, they believed that the two women were intoxicated.

The employee, who at the time, worked as a McDonald’s cashier, has had a criminal history. He spent ten years in jail for killing a friend and he got out of jail a few months before the incident took place, in March of 2011.

After a grand jury saw the video and noticed that the two customers started the fight after jumping or walking to the other side of the counter, the grand jury did not indict the employee. The two customers admitted to this fact. The women sued the employee for “’unnecessary, excessive and unlawful force”’ from the October 2011 incident. In addition to this lawsuit, the women are filing a lawsuit against the establishment itself. The women claim that the owner of the franchise failed to provide adequate security and should not have hired an employee with such violent propensities. 

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