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8 year old girl crushed by school bus- caused by 8 year old boy releasing brake

Posted on May 24, 2006

Grieving father's mercy through his tears BY NANCY DILLON, RICH SCHAPIRO and DAVE GOLDINER DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS Amber Sadiq was killed by runaway bus in Brooklyn. Amber's tearful father, Imran Sadiq, who urged mercy. Amber Sadiq Amber Sadiq's grandmom needs medical attention yesterday near tragic memorial. In a stunning gesture of forgiveness, the heartbroken father of 8-year-old Amber Sadiq pleaded yesterday for mercy for the boy who sent a school bus rolling onto her. Devastated dad Imran Sadiq said he did not want the 8-year-old boy to face criminal charges for his precocious daughter's senseless death in Brooklyn — even though officials revealed the troubled child broke into another bus last week. "He is a baby himself," Imran Sadiq said through a spokesman. "The question is why the vehicle was not more secure." "There are too many tears for anger right now," the spokesman added. "A child was killed and more than one family was destroyed because of this." The amazing show of compassion came on a day of revelations about how the bus-crash horror unfolded Monday afternoon on a Crown Heights street: The 8-year-old boy was suspended from school Friday for breaking into another bus. He had missed an incredible 40 days of school this year, prompting visits from the city Administration for Children's Services — including one just hours before the deadly crash. Amber begged her mom to skip school Monday to go on a family shopping trip. The sobbing boy told cops he alone broke into the locked bus, slid behind its wheel and released the emergency brake — riding the vehicle as it slammed into Amber at Crown St. and Nostrand Ave., sources said. A mystery woman found the boy crying on the bus moments before he fled, sources said. "He was scared when the bus started moving," NYPD Detective Brian Gregory said in Family Court as officials decide whether to bring charges against the boy. The tragedy shined a spotlight on two kids who went to the same school and lived feet away from one other — but set out on drastically different paths. "It's like the difference between Earth and heaven," said Arturo Herrera, a 25-year-old store clerk on working-class Crown St. "He was a bad kid, going in the wrong direction. This girl was being raised the right way. You could see her future with the way she spoke." Amber was a polite and popular A-plus student who lit up rooms with her bright smile and quick hugs. She rarely walked alone from Public School 161 to her home just 1½ blocks away. It seemed certain she would follow the lead of her brainy older sister who had been accepted to Stuyvesant High School. Amber "was loving, always happy," said Ashley Gassant, 11. The boy blamed for the deadly bus accident, whose name is being withheld by the Daily News because of his age, could not have been more different. He terrorized classmates by tossing apples and chasing them down halls — if he showed up for school at all. And with no parents in sight, he roamed the streets day and night, cursing grownups, stealing and breaking into cars, neighbors said. The boy's mother abandoned the family several years ago and his father was rarely around, leaving the boy's diabetic great-grandmother to keep an eye on him, neighbors said. "I feel sad," said the great-grandmother, 79. "I'm sorry the little child is dead." Sources said the boy missed 40 days of school, was late for 14 more days and was suspended three times this year. ACS had tracked the family for months, and checked on the boy hours before the crash, sources said. Cops said the boy got into the bus through an emergency door that can't be locked because it is designed to let rescuers get in. Amber's family said she had asked her mother, Raina, if she could miss school Monday to pick out a dress for her sister's middle-school graduation. But Amber was sent to class — and never made it back alive. She was crushed as she crossed the street, holding her older brother's hand.

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