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Cannabis Has Benefits For Cancer Treatment

Posted on Jan 04, 2015

Although more and more cannabis therapeutic treatments are emerging and gaining acceptance across the globe, no FDA approval or large scale double blind studies have been done in the USA.

There is currently a lot of respected science about these issues coming from Israel, England and other parts of the world.

The reason why there is no research being doing in the USA is because the US government contends that cannabis is a substance with no accepted medical use. However, since 1974, the government has been in possession of scientific evidence that cannabis can shrink cancerous tumors.

Cancer is a disease which occurs because cells become immortalized; they fail to follow signals to turn off growth which is a normal function of remodeling in the body that requires cells to die on cue. The immortalized cells grow beyond their normal limits and invade other tissues. The malignant cells may also metastasize and spread to other locations in the body via the bloodstream or lymphatic system. Cancer cells often form a mass known as a tumor.

Cell survival and growth can be controlled largely by Cannabinoids. It has been reported the cannabinoids may induce proliferation, growth arrest, or apoptosis in a number of cells, including neurons, lymphocytes and various transformed neural and non-neural cells.

Cannabinoids have also been shown to induce apoptosis of glioma cells in culture and regression of malignant gliomas.

Finally cannabis has also proven to have benefits for patients undergoing chemo or radiation treatment, although these benefits are largely supportive. It stimulates appetite and can minimize loss of appetite and the resulting weight loss. Furthermore, it is a great pain reliever and be also relieve the discomfort caused by these treatments.

Patients deserved the best care and scientific information available and the freedom of choice to choose the best path for themselves.


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Gerry Oginski
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